Island Weather Itinerary


Take your preferred route to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We left Solomon’s around 7:30 on a Saturday morning in January and made it to Assateague in 3 hours. We did explore wide and far and found ourselves in Virginia and Delaware in the space of two days. It is ambitious but in the middle of winter, especially on an amazingly warm weekend, why not?


Fees: These are parks so there are entrance fees. Only Fenwick Island State Park did not have any fees to enter.

Accessability: Good news – see image above. So Assateague National Seashore (not the State Park) had wheelchairs at every pulloff. I was so surprised, and excited of course I had to take a photo and share!

Lodging & FoodIn Berlin, we ate at Rayne’s Reef for lunch and for dinner we picked up pizza slices from an unmemorable place – hey, it was a late Saturday night in Ocean City not much was open. We stayed at the Park Place Hotel and it was a great value on the boardwalk. The next morning we ate breakfast at Layton’s Family Restaurant, an Ocean City institution.


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