Essays about our trips are incomplete without detailed itineraries and lessons learned. That is what this page is about. We want you to be able to easily replicate our trips, or use them as a guide for creating your own microEXCURSIONS!

A couple of things to note regarding driving directions. Dennis and I try to avoid all highways whenever possible. We often take the longest way to our final destination because it allows us to explore areas more deeply and turn off on quirky named roads – or roads that end in wharf, ferry, beach etc.

We keep a well stocked cooler in the car, a case of water, several pairs of binoculars, maps, and books, lots of books.

You will not find negative reviews – if we don’t like something we won’t guide you there, but we also recognize that sometimes a place just had a bad day. We will try to help you navigate away from things that are not worth it, but mostly we want you to get out, have fun and explore.


We talk a lot about books, and I will provide a reading list for most of our destinations.

But there are other resources that are often overlooked and those are state and county tourism websites. We have requested maps and brochures from every county in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. These are invaluable guides, often with maps which helps when there is no cell coverage.

There are also many local groups that offer membership and access to special areas or events that helps guide us as we plan our next adventure.


Check out our CALENDAR OF EVENTS and we dare you to say “there’s nothing to do” again!!

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